eLearning Classroom Project reflection #1

28 10 2011

I have just got back from Ulearn11 and had a week in the classroom. So much has happened!

I attended Jacqui Sharp’s breakout on the eLearning Classroom project on the last day of the conference -admittedly feeling a bit worse for wear. If I were to be honest I had registered more to be nosey than for the content, as I had presented my work on the  eCompetencies to Jacqui’s EBE ICT PD Cluster in July and had met Jacqui only briefly.

So I went along with no real idea of what I would find… and came away inspired! -isn’t it fun when a sketchy plan comes together.

The elearning classroom project brings together teachers from across NZ who want to change their thinking from being a ‘digital classroom’ to an ‘elearning classroom’. There are many facets to this and I’m only starting out but I watched Ewan McIntosh’s  7 digital Spaces and have redesigned my classroom space entirely.

First I built a Wharenui facade to create a ‘secret space’ in my book corner (Te Reo Maori obj -learn the parts of a Wharenui). Next, I reorganised my desks into a circle around my large rubber tree plant but then decided to ask whether my students wanted desks. Now 14 students choose to work at a spare desk, on the floor or at a kneeling table. Their personal space is still their tote tray but they are now on shelves rather than at a specific desk. I also have a large ‘green screen’ (sheet of cardboard painted Resene Sushi) in the corner with a digital camera on a tripod-performing space. -I’m on my way.

Academically I’m not so sure how to move forward as this project seems to be a self managed, teacher monitored programme with much content online. I have 2 classroom computers and intermittent access to 4 pods of 4 laptops so I am attempting to run my programme in a manner that mimics what I would do if I had more access-and hope that “if I build it, they will come”.

I’ll let you know…




7 responses

28 10 2011
Allanah King

You did all that over the weekend! You are a super woman. I would love to come and see it. It’s what I want to do when I get back full time.

28 10 2011

Tee hee -yep, that’s what I did instead of getting my act together for the upcoming ERO visit -is it called Creating or Procrastinating?

28 10 2011
Tamara Yuill Proctor

Wow you have manage to do an aweful lot in one week. Ulearn is an inspiring place, isn’t it! I enjoyed reading your post and look forward to hearing more…

28 10 2011

Well done that is amazing, changing classroom spaces is scary at first but after a few weeks you will be amazed how well it works. Feel free to chat to some of us in the e-Learning Classroom PLN, we have all had some interesting ups and downs in that journey.

28 10 2011
Charles Newton

Inspiring stuff – hope its contagious!

29 10 2011
Jacqui Sharp

Wow you have made a great start in your classroom! Good on you. I see that you have entered your PLN information, I have added a page for you now http://elearningclassroom.wikispaces.com/Kellie+McRobert and this post will fit perfectly on that page. Once that is there you will find the rest of the PLN will start discussions with you. Please add some photos as well! Looking forward to following your progress!

29 10 2011

Cheers, Thanks Jacqui. I knew I should have taken before, during & after but had flat batteries! I was inspired and wasn’t willing to wait so I guess I’ll just have to do the after shots.
I drew up my room plan on the way home on the plane and got some teachers from Wellesly College in Wellington thinking about it too as they are in the process of planning for classroom refurbishments .
Fun news travels fast!

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